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Travelling with purpose

Cherrybrook Travel is dedicated to championing environmental sustainability and supporting social justice efforts within the local community.

Cherrybrook Travel is a proud supporter of Every Little Bit Helps. Established in 2014, ELBH is a charitable organisation which collects, packs and redistributes hotel toiletries, airline amenity kits, make-up and cosmetic samples and sanitary items. Care packages are then supplied to vulnerable individuals including victims of intimate partner violence, asylum seekers, and those experiencing homelessness through Women’s Refuge, Homeless Shelters, Youth Centres, Asylum Centres and Community Centres as well as via small Government and Community Groups. 


The catalyst for establishing Every Little Bit Helps was learning that while there are many organisations providing laundry and shower facilities, most are able to supply little more than running water and previously did not have regular and reliable access to basic toiletry products.Believing that every person deserves a toothbrush and soap, ELBH aims to help restore the dignity of anyone in a difficult situation.

We encourage all our wonderful clients and members of the community to drop their unopened sample or travel-sized toiletries into the red charity bin located inside our Westleigh office; every little bit really does help. For more information on ELBH, to make a direct donation, or to volunteer your time to this wonderful organisation, please click here.

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