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Bali Commercial Policy-Club Med

Travel to Bali with peace of mind at:

Even though the situation in Bali is as tranquil as usual, we know some of you might still be concerned about travelling to this blissful destination and our beautiful resort in Nusa Dua.

The resort is in full swing, the destination is spectacular. Every day, our guests enjoy an unforgettable holidays, catered for by an exceptional G.O. team and we are getting ready for Easter holidays.

First of all it is important to note that our resort is over 75km away from the Mount Agung and is only impacted by occasional air travel disruptions due to ash clouds.

To help you travel with complete peace of mind, Club Med has planned for any unplanned circumstances.

1) Excellent sales and resort teams ready to help with any eventuality.

Our commercial policy offers many flexible solutions to ensure our clients have a great holiday experience. If needed we can look at alternative destinations or future travel dates that fits with each client’s needs.

2) Peace of mind travel insurance

Club Med are experts in peace of mind travel and it is for that reason we have a complementary comprehensive Travel Insurance for all our Australian guests. In this situation guests can find themselves at ease with a well-covered policy if changes are necessary.

3) Unforeseen Extended Stays

In the unforeseen event that a flight is delayed Club Med will provide FREE OF CHARGE accommodation* to our guest until the earliest alternative arrangements can be made. For all stays until January 31st 2019.


*Extended stay: Club Med is exclusively offering FREE OF CHARGE (FOC) extended stays for all GMs impacted by “force majeure” events and who cannot travel home. Applies to all travel completed before the 31st January 2019. Customers must leave on the first available option.


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