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Naples- A Historical Wonder

Not one of the most pleasant cities in the world, but the gateway to the south of Italy that encapsulates a period in time a thousand years ago. It is here you will see the vista of Mt Vesuvius hanging over the city. As you gaze at the mountain and wonder how those many people felt so long ago, you long to share in the history. A quick ride in a taxi, but remember to negotiate the price before doing this, ask the driver to head to Pompeii. The most famous of the archeological sites near Naples. Hire a guide, make sure they are registered and display their licence before engaging with them. It is illegal to provide guiding services to tourists without the proper credentials. Alternatively you can hire an audio guide and walk the ancient city at your leisure.

Gazing at what archaeologists have uncovered over the years, and are still continuing to do so. If you are lucky you may see them at work tirelessly using the smallest of brushes to move away the soil to discover any lost artefacts. Once you are done with Pompeii ask the driver to take you to Herculaneum. Now this is an enigma. Once a thriving sea side town the city was totally buried in ash when Vesuvius erupted. The sheer volume of ash covered not only the thriving city but made new land, and now the town is located inland, with the sea miles away. Very eerie to see vacated boat sheds miles from any side of the seaside. So great was the explosion everything was covered.

A thousand years later it has been uncovered for the world to see, and is an even better preserved than Pompeii. Wander through an ancient town, and see the structure of the houses, the beautiful inlaid tiles in the baths, and wonder what it must have been like all those years ago. Of if you were wandering what you do for food, Naples is known for the worlds best Pizza. Sidle up to a pizza joint in town and join the locals in pizza. Make mine a Napolitano… Bon Appetit!

-Elizabeth Ellis


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