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Paris - The City of Light & Love

Opening Note: Paris has a Disneyland, however out of all Disneys that I have been too, this was my least favourite one with unfriendly staff and smoking allowed anywhere on the grounds (cigarettes littered and no compensation when rides broke down.) Paris Disney Star Rating: 2/5

Away from the negatives- Where do we start with the positives?!- You want to soak up the lifestyle, l’amour de la vie – the love of life. First choice would be the Eiffel Tower, the icon that the world knows as Paris. But remember to buy tickets in advance. If you don’t you can be waiting for hours in a queue for the next lift, or get your walking shoes on and beat the queues walk to the second level for a cheaper alternative and a great way to start working off the extra calories needed when eating in Paris. On the second level you will also find the amazing restaurant, La Tour 52.

A picnic style lunch can be as cheap as 20 Euros and is incredible in its beauty to look at and the amazing taste. It is delivered ala picnic style as only the French can do, with the most spectacular views. Gaze out the windows as Paris unfolds underneath you and plan your next few days. After lunch, head down to the Bateaux Mouches and catch a Bateaux down the Seine to Notre Dame. Hope off and explore the famous cathedral made infamous by Victor Hugo. Again get those walking shoes on and climb the stairs to the top for a view back to the Eiffel Tower.

Once you have been charmed by the choirs practicing in the cathedral or a service in progress head to Montmarte or the artist’s quarter for some unique French experiences. Wander the lanes made famous by Toulouse Lautrec, wonder past the Red Windmill- the Moulin Rouge and climb or ride the funicular railway to Sacre Couer for a magnificent sunset over Paris. The area is full of bistros so settle in for a night of French wine and food and get ready for the next day.

-Elizabeth Ellis

Paris is a city of beauty. The museums, the cafes, the boutique stores and just the feeling of arriving in the city of lights and love. No view is better than the Eiffel Tower sparkling at night, and there is no excitement like the performers: the fire dancers, and the magicians that line the streets. -Monique Monsees

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